Cloud gaming

Actively expand cloud-based technology for online gaming

Online Games

Since its inception, the Group has been making great progress in web game development and distribution, and is one of the few domestic internet game companies with both game development and distribution capabilities. In terms of online game development, the Group has developed over a hundred web games and mobile games in aggregate, including the Soul Guardian series, Boonie Bears series, Liberators, Beauty Box, etc. These games have attracted players both locally and overseas. In 2012, the Group was recognized and ranked as one of the top web game developers in China. On the distribution front, 91wan, the distribution platform operated by the Group, has distributed hundreds of games developed by the Group and by other developers, attracting over 200 million registered players to date.

Self-developed Games
Self-developed Games
Licensed Games
Game Publishing

Our publishing platform, 91wan, has distributed over 100 self-developed and licensed webgames and attracted over 225million registered players.