September 2009
Our Founders acquired 100% equity interests in Feiyin and Weidong to conduct game development and game platform operation.
December 2009
Ming Dynasty was awarded "The Best Webgame of 2009" in the 7th China International Cyberculture Exposition. It was launched in August 2009 and is the first game we officially launched.
December 2010
91wan was awarded "China's Top 10 Best Webgame Publishing Platform" by Internet Society of China ( 中国互联网协会 ) and China Investment ( 中国投资 )
April 2011
Feiyin was awarded "The Best Webgame Developing Company in 2010" in the 4th China Webgame Summit.
July 2011
We were incorporated in the Cayman Islands;
91wan was awarded "The Top 10 Game Operating Platforms" by Baidu Game Billboard( 百度游戏风云榜 ).
August 2011
Foga Tech was incorporated in Hong Kong as a holding company of our subsidiaries and PRC Operational Entities.
November 2011
91wan was awarded "The Top 10 Popular Webgames among Webgame Players" and "The Webgame Developers' Most Favored Network" at the 2nd China Original Webgame Summit Meeting.
January 2012
Feiyin was named by Forbes China as one of the "2012 Forbes China Private Companies with the Highest Potential".
March 2012
Hongkong Ledong, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Foga Tech, was incorporated in Hong Kong as a holding company to manage our overseas business;
Registered players of 91wan reached 100 million.
April 2012
“Soul Guardian II” (“凡人修真||”) was awarded "The Most Innovative Webgame in 2011" at the 5th China Webgame and Mobile Game Summit.
May 2012
Our first mobile game "The Era of Storms" (“风云天下OL”) was launched.
June 2012
The Series A Investors invested in us.
July 2012
"True King" (“真王”) was awarded "2012 Most Innovative Game" by Tencent QQ;
91wan was awarded "The Top 10 Game Operating Platforms" by Baidu Game Billboard ( 百度游戏风云榜 ).
September 2012
Feiyin was selected as one of China's Cultural Export Focus Enterprises in the year 2011-2012, which was awarded by various PRC government authorities, including MOFCOM and the Ministry of Finance of the PRC.
December 2012
One of our game developing studios was awarded the "Webgame Developing Team Award" by China Quality Developer Review Committee of China Game Developer Association;
"Charmed Westward Journey" (“醉西游”) was awarded "China's Most Valued Webgame in 2012" at the 3rd China Original Webgame Summit Meeting.
January 2013
“Soul Guardian II” (“凡人修真||”) was awarded "2012 Top 10 Popular Webgames" at the China Game Industry Annual Conference;
March 2013
"Charmed Westward Journey" (“醉西游”) was awarded "2012 Quality Webgame (Golden Finger Prize)" at the China Game Industry Annual Conference.
March/April 2013
Second Round Pre-IPO Investors invested in us.
April 2013
We acquired a minority interest in Appionics, the owner and operator of the Animoca studio, to expand into the mobile and overseas market.
August 2013
"Soul Guardian: Mobile" (“凡人修真手游”) was officially launched, which marks the successful transformation to mobile games of our glory webgames.
October 2013
We listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, with stock code 00484.
December 2013
We was awarded as "Top 10 Game Companies" at the China Game Industry Annual Conference.
“Soul Guardian II” (“凡人修真||”) was awarded "2013 Top 10 Popular Webgames" at the China Game Industry Annual Conference.
July 2014
The very first mobile game of “Boonie Bears ”(“熊出没”) series adapted from a Chinese popular animation IP was launched, which marks the beginning of our casual game strategy.
April 2015
We launched "Meitu Game Box" (“美图游戏盒”) partnering with Meitu (“美图”), targeting female users, laying a strong foundation for the casual game business.
June 2015
Mobile gaming revenue accounted for more than 60% of overall revenue, business transformation strategy was well-proven.
April 2016
“Beauty Box” (“美美小店”), a styling and fashion mobile game co-published by Forgame and Meitu, ranked No.1 on the iOS Free Games Top Chart with more than 80% of the game reviewers assigning five-star ratings.
November 2016
Forgame Group was awarded “Guangdong's Most Innovative Companies Top 10” in the 2016 Guangdong Internet Conference.
December 2016
Forgame members Guangzhou Feiyin, Guangzhou Jieyou, Guangzhou Feidong and Guangzhou Weidong received 2016 Industry Development Subsidies from Tianhe District, Guangzhou; Forgame member 91wan Gaming Platform was entitled “2016 Top 10 Webgame Publishing Platforms in China” in the competition of “Top 10 Games” in 2016 China Gaming Industry Annual Seminar; Forgame member Guangzhou Feiyin was entitled “China's Top 10 Gaming Companies in Overseas Expansion”.
Yunke, a wholly owned subsidiary of Forgame, obtained a licence to carry out the Internet Finance Business in the PRC from the government and commences business operations in the internet finance industry.
January 2017
Charmed Westward Journey HTML5" was awarded as "Annual Most Popular HTML5 Game" at the 6th China Original Game APP "Jinpeng Award" Contest.
January 2017
Acquired 55% equity interest in Jianlicai, a financial information service business.
May 2019
Acquired 69.84% equity interest in Xigua Huyu, which expands its brand “Touhao Wanka” offline in PRC, establishes the first VR experience franchise in China. This acquisition indicates the further upgrade of the Group's games business.