Forgame Launches Mobile Game "Beauty Box" Partnering with Meitu
The First Styling and Female Oriented Mobile Game Marks the Implementation of Forgame's Casual Mobile Game Strategy

Publish Date2021-10-20 source:Forgame

(Hong Kong, 22 July 2015) – Forgame Holdings Limited ("Forgame" or the "Group") (stock code: 484), a leading developer and publisher of mobile games and webgames in China, has today announced its collaboration with Xiamen Meitu Technology Co.,Ltd ("Meitu") in Beijing to launch the "Beauty Box" (美美小店), the first styling and fashion mobile game targeting female players. This also marks the implementation of Forgame's casual mobile game strategy.
Given the exponential growth in the number of mobile game players and the diversity of leisure entertainment that cater for female in China, the proportion and number of female mobile game players are expected to further increase. Female gradually becomes a key consumer group, though there is a serious supply shortage of mobile games targeted for them. According to a report, in terms of game types, hard core games such as action fighting games, role playing games and war strategy games occupy key positions in China's AppStore. In contrast, mobile games developed for female are apparently insufficient. Even most mobile game players do not know what female-oriented mobile games are. As such, "Beauty Box" is expected to fill this niche market perfectly.
"Beauty Box" is the first styling and fashion mobile game developed by Forgame and published in the "Meitu Game Box". It is a casual and cultivation-oriented game, targeting female as the core players. The game has achieved a breakthrough in game layout, core play and operational model, prioritizing the preferences and habits of female players. It has integrated the resources in the industry and is targeted to create a flagship brand of female games. The close cooperation between Forgame and Meitu complement each other's competitive edge, reinforcing their influence among different user demographics while strengthening their brands and optimising their respective resources.
Mr. Wang Yang, VP of Forgame presented the mobile game "Beauty Box" in the press conference.
Mr. Dongfeng Wang, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Forgame, said, "As a leading developer and publisher of mobile games and webgames with a solid foundation of leading-edge technology and professional team, Forgame is establishing an entertainment value chain in gaming industry while it initiates global strategies amidst the Internet fad. This initiative enables us to realize rapid growth in the flourishing female game market. The partnership with Meitu enables both parties to complement each other's respective customer base. Meitu is a leading mobile internet platform operator in China with a broad user base, among which over 70% are female users. The collaboration should further promote the popularity of 'Beauty Box' in channels with a focus of female users."
Mr. Wang added, "Looking ahead, China is set to enter into a 'new female-focused mobile game era' when female users are provided with easy-to-learn and casual games. Female mobile games featuring casual and social characteristics will become the key to break the bottleneck in mobile game development. We plan to utilize our R&D advantage to tap onto the immense potential in the entire market and continue to maximize value for shareholders."

Mr. Wu Xinhong, CEO of Meitu (left), Mr. Wang Dongfeng, Chairman & CEO of Forgame (middle) and Mr. Wang Yang, VP of Forgame (right) announced the successful launch of "Beauty Box".
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